About the EPC

The Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC) is an online resource for interns to gain IDP credit. The EPC can also be used by educators, ARE® candidates, young architects, firms, and AIA components to enhance or create new learning opportunities.

The EPC contains seventeen (17) chapters that align with IDP experience categories and areas. One EPC activity equals eight (8) hours of Supplemental Experience, designated as either "Supplemental Experience for Core hours" or "Supplemental Experience for Elective hours." EPC activities are approved by NCARB as Supplemental Experience.

The EPC is a free resource for interns. Once documentation is approved by the intern's supervisor or mentor, the activity is submitted for final approval through the online reporting system accessed via the intern's NCARB record. The intern's supervisor or mentor will give their final certification for the activity by approving the online record through My NCARB.

Download the EPC Introduction (PDF 1.27 MB)

The AIA and NCARB created the EPC to accomplish the following:

  1. Support intern efforts to gain IDP experience hours
  2. Provide practical application of design competencies, striving for excellence
  3. Increase mentoring by firms, supervisors and mentors
  4. Allow for greater personalization of practical experience in a credible framework
  5. Create a resource that is stimulating, accessible, and updated for current practice