Submit for IDP Credit

Use the EPC to satisfy a portion of your IDP hour requirements. Earn up to 1,624 IDP hours through the EPC. Each activity is worth eight hours. By completing EPC activities, you can earn up to 40 core hours in each experience area.

Please note: Interns can earn a maximum of 600 core minimum hours through EPC with no more than 40 core hours earned in any one IDP experience area. If an intern has already completed the maximum allowable 40 core minimum hours in a given experience area through any combination of supplemental experience, then EPC activities completed in that area will be credited as elective hours.

Step by Step

  1. Complete an EPC core or elective activity and note the Chapter and Title.
  2. Review your work with your IDP Supervisor or Mentor.
  3. Login to "My NCARB" at www.ncarb.org, then click "Go" to launch your NCARB Record.
  4. Select the "IDP" tab in your NCARB Record.
  5. Click the + NEW EXPERIENCE REPORT button.
  6. Select "Supplemental Experience" via the radio button. A drop-down menu will appear.
  7. Select "Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC)" from the drop down menu and click ADD.
  8. Provide your AIA member number (or temporary AIA number*) and identify a mentor/supervisor and click CONTINUE.
  9. In the drop-down menus next to "Add a Course:" select the Chapter and the Title for the activity you have completed.
  10. Provide the date of completion and click ADD.
  11. Verify that your activity and corresponding hours appear in the "Courses" tab.
  12. Click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL at the top of the window.

Your IDP Supervisor or Mentor will receive an email prompting him/her to certify your hours of EPC completion. Please remember to keep digital documentation (PDF) of completed core activities for three years following completion, should NCARB audit your file.

*The AIA provides interns in IDP a free temporary AIA number and AIA Transcript to track supplemental experience for IDP credit. Supplemental experience can also be gained through AIA Continuing Education courses. Request a free temporary AIA number at www.aia.org/FreeTranscriptsforInterns.